Join us for Brigid’s Way One Day Walks

A Sacred Journey with Intention

Walking in pilgrimage, listening attentively to the deep quiet voice within, reconnects us with our own deep spiritual essence, which knows itself as a part of the unbroken web of life. On our one day walks, pilgrims will be gifted the opportunity to ‘be’ with their own internal landscape and with the exterior landscape around them. This is not only a beautiful walk but a sacred journey undertaken with intention for self, family/community and the Earth.


Pilgrim Path Week Easter 2024

Saturday April 6th

Robertstown Village to Milltown along the Grand Canal, Kildare


As part of the National Pilgrim Path week 2024, Brigid’s Way pilgrims will walk from the picturesque village of Robertstown, Kildare along the canal banks turning off for the Milltown feeder and through lush countryside continuing to the lunch stop at Pluckerstown bridge. Passing the Hill of Allen on the left, this pilgrimage walk will finish with a welcome stop by the canal at Milltown. This route is Day 8 of the 9 day Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage.

Saturday April 6th: Pilgrim Path Week - FULLY BOOKED

Meeting Point: From 9.45am at the Hanged Man Pub car park in Milltown (the end point) to car pool back to the Start in Robertstown.

Start: 10.00am sharp

Finish: 1.30-2.00pm approx.

Contribution: €15.00 for the upkeep of Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage

Walk Leader: Paddy Madden

Confirm Your Place: OR WhatsApp Ph: 087 9028285 (text only please)

Maximum: 20 walkers so please book you place as soon as you can, thanks.

Walking Route: Approx. 8 miles, 12 kms.

Additional Information


Taxi services back from Robertstown can be arranged amongst pilgrims en route and we recommend that you travel back in groups or have 2 cars parking, one at the Hanged Man’s pub in Milltown then driving the other to the start at Robertstown so you have transport at the end of the Walk.


Please bring a packed lunch and a water bottle. Please be aware that you will need a MODERATE level of fitness.

Pilgrim Path Week 2024

Brigid’s Way is the 13th pilgrimage path in Ireland and the only one dedicated to a female deity and saint. More information on Pilgrim Path can be found here.


You are now part of the journey to conserve Brigid’s Way. When making payment please enter your name so we know who is attending on the day. Thank you. Brigid’s Way is run mainly by volunteers and all proceeds are returned to keep this heartfelt Pilgrim Route open. For enquires email

Brigid of Faughart Pilgrimage Walk

Imbolg Week February

Faughart Upper Well & Shrine, Dundalk, Co Louth

As part of the Brigid of Faughart Festival week, pilgrims are invited to walk to the Brigid’s Shrine and ancient stones to her beautiful well at Upper Faughart through Kilcurry and Toberona. This route has slight variation each year sometimes through lush countryside of the Lissnawilly Estate to Brigid’s Stream in Dundalk. This route is part of Day 1 of the 9 day Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage.

Imbolg Week February

For Details: Please email

Walking Route: Approx. 4 miles, 7 kms depending on the route.

Contribution: €10.00 or more for the upkeep of Brigid of Faughart Festival.

Preparations: Please bring a packed lunch and a water bottle. Please be aware that you will need a MODERATE level of fitness.

Brigid’s Way Imbolc Pilgrimage

Brigid’s National Holiday, February

The Sanctuary, Dublin City to Brigid’s Well Clondalkin


The Brigid’s Way Imbolc Pilgrimage is led by writer and Celtic scholar Dr. Karen Ward and departs from the garden labyrinth at The Sanctuary Holistic Centre, Stanhope Street, Dublin 7. From here we travel through the city finding green space at Croppies Memorial Park and the Phoenix Park and follow waterways along the Grand Canal out to the village of Clondalkin.  We then take our pilgrimage route along Brigid’s ancient Pilgrim Path and arrive at St. Brigid’s Well in Clondalkin where there we are met by musicians, guest speakers, and a fire and water ritual led by Karen and Minceir writer Oein DeBhairduin. This route is part of the extension of the 9 day Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage, and the culmination of the 3 day route from Kildare town to Dublin City. Lá Fhéile Bríde Festival, Clondalkin organised by the local community led by Caitriona Leavey.

Brigid's National Holiday, February

For Details: Instagram via link in bio @la_fheile_bride_festival

Walking Route: Approx. 10 miles, 16 kms.

Contribution: This is a free event sponsored by Lá Fheíle Bríde Festival.

Preparations: Please bring a packed lunch and a water bottle. Please be aware that you will need a MODERATE level of fitness.

Join us for this memorable experience, walking in the footsteps of St. Brigid.