About Us

Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage began when Dr Karen Ward and Dolores Whelan separately were inspired by the findings of Anthony Murphy  and Richard Moore  who tracked the great Cygnus Swan constellation in the sky at the time of Saint Brigid’s life. Together the two women walked the land and listened to the powerful calling of Brigid, Celtic Goddess and Saint to re-discover her Pilgrimage Way.

For a full year Karen and Dolores pieced together the threads of this epic 9 day journey from Faughart in Co. Louth through Co. Meath and the Hill of Tara to the fertile plains of the Curragh, Co. Kildare to Brigid’s monastic city.

In 2013 the inaugural Pilgrimage attracted people from all over the world to walk in Brigid’s footsteps birthing a community dedicated to offering this Irish ‘Camino’ to all those who wish to follow their Celtic soul’s calling.

The current Brigid’s Way FireKeepers community of volunteers are:

Karen Ward, Dublin Ireland

Karen is a Psychotherapist and Energy Therapist who is constantly inspired by the myths and legends of Brigid.

Karen is one of the four co-rediscoverers of Brigid’s Way and has been honoured to co-organise the full 9 day Pilgrimage 6 times since its inception.

She will lead Day 9 of the Pilgrimage from Pollardstown Fen to Kildare and part of Day 2 Dundalk to Ardee


Camelia Lefebvre-Rafik

She is our virtual assistant organising accomodation and the Brigid’s Way emails and website queries.

Kathleen Quinn, Alberta, Canada

Katheen walked the full Pilgrimage in 2018 and was inspired to ‘Walk A Day with Brigid’ in her homeland with her husband every weekend since the pandemic began in Spring, 2020.

Her life has been shaped through advocacy for social justice responses to poverty, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. 

Kathleen helps research funding opportunities for Brigid’s Way.


Mari Grant, Australia

She walked the full inaugural Pilgrimage in 2013 and returned again in 2018.

Mari intends to be the logistics and support person for next year’s Brigid’s Way.

Bebhinn Ramsay, Wicklow, Ireland

Bebhinn is a part of the St Kevin’s Way voluntary group in Wicklow and co-creates a rewilding project called Wild Eala, connected to Brigid’s swan constellation, on the shore of the Blessington lakes. 

She endeavours to walk life in the spirit of Brigid, with courage and clarity and support Brigid’s Way.

She walked the full inaugural Pilgrimage in 2014 and returns to lead Day 6 of the Pilgrimage Moynalvy to Donedea.


Dr Líam MacGabhann, Wicklow, Ireland

Liam is a mental health practitioner, community activist, researcher and family constellations facilitator who strives to incorporate Celtic traditions into his life and work.

Líam wrote up the presentation based on all our visions for the future of Brigid’s Way.

He will lead Day 8 of the Pilgrimage Robertstown to Milltown.


Siobhán Rose Ní Mhadaín, Wicklow, Ireland

Siobhán is an artist with a nature-based practice. She is a facilitator of creative arts for children and adults.

Siobhán’s connection with Brigid comes in strong visual signs and serendipities along her path.

She will lead Day 7 of the Pilgrimage Donedea to Robertstown. 


Heidi Wyldewood, New Forest, England

Heidi is a spiritual mentor, workshop facilitator, sacred activist, creator of the Brighid Path Essences and holder of the energies of Brigid.

She is currently taking a Celtic Studies degree.

Heidi curates the Brigid’s Way Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Jennifer Egan, Dublin, Ireland

Jennifer is a Moon Mna Circle Facilitator and Reiki Master.

Jennifer is the wonderful responder to all our Brigid’s Way Facebook queries and with her partner converted the Brigid’s Way website to a new up to date platform.

She will lead Day 5 of the Pilgrimage Tara to Moynalvy.

Elaine Ní Chiardha, Meath, Ireland

Elaine is a singer, voiceworker, and shamanic therapist with a strong connection to Brigid and to the Hill of Tara.

She walked part of the 2015 Pilgrimage where she had a powerful healing experience.

Elaine writes and performs Brigid’s songs including her fabulous Brigid’s Way anthem song, Brigid’s Swan, and will play some music as part of the 2022 Pilgrimage. 

Dolores Whelan, Dundalk, Ireland

Dolores Whelan, Dundalk, Ireland is a teacher, educator, author and spiritual guide within the Celtic spiritual and mythological tradition who advocates the protection of sacred Celtic landscapes and the celebration of ancient Celtic traditions. 

She is one of the four co-rediscovers of Brigid’s Way and has been honoured to co-organise the full 9 day Pilgrimage 4 times since its inception. 

She will lead Day 1 of the Pilgrimage Faughart to Dundalk and start Day 2 en route to Ardee.

 Dolores founded the Brigid of Faughart Festival, Dundalk, Co. Louth.