Stars of Brigid’s Way – Volunteers

The Stars of Brigid’s Way are the amazing volunteers who gave their time and energy selflessly to support Brigid’s Way since it’s inception.

The Solas Bhríde Sisters

Mary, Phil & Rita of Solas Bhride, Kildare. What inspirational women of Spirit. We thank you from our hearts of hearts for the priceless advice, encouragement, hospitality & friendship. You are the Omega in Kildare to the Alpha in Faughart. Women of Brigid, Guides to us all. See their website here.

Anthony Murphy,

Renaissance Man, author, astronomer, family man & inspirer of Brigid’s Way from his stunning Talk at the Brigid of Faughart Festival 2012

Tim Mullin of Glengat House

safe haven for Brigid’s Way Pilgrims & Taín Trail founder who encourages our first steps.

Sinead of the Dundalk Tourist Office

networker extraordinaire whose ready smile & contacts made our inauguration a pleasure.

Sally Cox

generous local farmer & guardian of Lisnawilly who invited us onto her magnificent land, historically renowned as part of Brigid’s journey from Faughart And her team of generous & innovative supporters, you know who you are. Champions all.

Boy Scouts

 who made the bridge on Sally’s Land

The Louth Women’s Network for Better Rural Living

Jo, you & your tribe should be running the country! What a picnic, sublime indeed.

Enda Donnellan, Shaman & Healer

man of vision with his merry band of menfolk for their awe inspiring Foot Cleanse & Fire Ceremony on the Hill of Slane.

Annette Peard, Druid & Guardian of the Hill of Tara

for her magical Cleanse & Ceremony on Rath Grainne – a beauty to behold.

Michael Maguire, Hill of Tara

Hospitality Guardian of Maguires, Hill of Tara for his beyond-the-call-of duty-welcome & sumptuous fare for weary pilgrims.

The Friends of Donadea Forest Park

Morna, Allen, David, Seamus, Pam, George. Your welcome encouragement, ability to make it happen & your love of this tremendous Forest knows no bounds. Thank you.

Karen Gorey

Brigid’s famed hospitality sure is alive & well in Robertstown. Your beautiful cottages were home from home.

John O’Hare

driver extraordinaire, your ready words of encouragement & warm smile were most welcome.

Kay Cranwell

driver & luggage mover par excellence! You are a wonder!

Stephanie O'Hanlon

whose Circle Dances gave us hope, brought us smiles & lifted our spirits when the going got tough.  Your co-facilitation of the Faughart Weekend in 2016 was a gift.

The Whelan Family

especially Vincent, Matthew and Geraldine

Claire & Fer Oakes

what a team! You should be travel guides, the pair of ye!

Tom McCutcheon, Kildare Tourist Office

there is no end to you most helpful suggestions, insights & terrific smiling welcome.

Noirin Ní Riain

your Spirit filled songs inspired us to walk those last few miles. Go raibh mile.

Deirdre Ní Cinneide

the voice of an Angel. You lifted us up on arrival to Kildare.

Caroline in the Silken Thomas Hotel

For her generous sponsorship of our welcoming lunch. We rest easy knowing we’ll bask in the comfort of your mighty establishment after our 9 days of pilgrimage.

Ann MacDonald

Your mystical voice ‘calling us home’ at Faughart well touched our souls.

Louise O'Donnell

who co-facilitated the 9 day Pilgrimage in 2015.  There are no words of thanks possible to show our vast appreciation of your amazing organisational skills.  You are the social media queen, Dropbox genius and website wonder.

Elaine Ní Chiardha

whose dulcet tones lifted our hearts as we walked triumphantly into Kildare.

Gemma MacGowan

your rendition of ‘firey arrow’ in Brigid’s Fire Temple will forever stay with us.  Thank you for singing us home.

Lynda Ryder

Kildare Weekend assistant extraordinaire, thank you from our hearts.