Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage

This iconic 9 day walking Pilgrimage was inaugurated in a moment of divine inspiration by a committee of volunteers, together with many additional helpers, as a non-profit venture. Those who honour Brigid, as a pre-Celtic Goddess or Christian Saint, come to walk in her footsteps as a way to find peace, connect with our ancestors and commune with the sacred land of Ireland. It has been an amazing journey with many people from the whole island and all over the world joining us to walk some or all of the Pilgrimage beginning at Brigid’s birthplace in Faughart, County Louth and finishing in her Monastic city, County Kildare.  Now this initial phase of the wonderful sacred route has been completed and a solid foundation established. We are delighted to receive support and continue working with the local communities, county councils, leader partnerships and tourism bodies who acknowledge the importance of preserving this ancient path for future generations to come.

The full 9 day Brigid’s Way may be walked by anyone on their own personal pilgrimage by following the Routes & Maps section. For those who wish to walk with a group, please read below for the 2024 Brigid’s Way Wells and Water Pilgrim Walk which has a shorter 5 day route.

Join Brigid's Way Wells & Waters Pilgrim Walk 2024

This year we will be guiding a 5 night/5 day mindful journey along the waters of Brigids Way Celtic Pilgrimage. The walk will trace route that Brigid made from Dundalk to Kildare. Along the path you will experience mindful walking, ritual, storytelling, and a celebration of creativity (arts, poetry, dance, music).

Led by three previous pilgrims of Brigid’s Way who have mapped out 10-15k daily walks over 5 days to visit key landmarks that celebrate the elements of the Celtic Goddess & Matron Saint Brigid stories. You connect with fellow pilgrims, your Celtic roots and Mother Nature on this very special walk.

The pilgrimage for 2024 is now fully booked. If you would like to be put on the waitlist please send us your details by contacting us below.

You are also welcome to our one day walks, please see below.

The 2024 Pilgrimage & One Day Walks

We are delighted to say that the 2024 edition of Brigid’s Way Wells and Water Pilgrim Walk 5 Day Pilgrimage is FULLY BOOKED. It will take place from 5th to 9th June.

However you are welcome to our ONE DAY WALKS. Walking in pilgrimage, listening attentively to the deep quiet voice within, reconnects us with our own deep spiritual essence, which knows itself as a part of the unbroken web of life. On our one day walks, pilgrims will be gifted the opportunity to ‘be’ with their own internal landscape and with the exterior landscape around them. This is not only a beautiful walk but a sacred journey undertaken with intention for self, family/community and the Earth.

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The Rediscovery of Brigid’s Way

Brigid’s Way was inspired by a strong desire to revive the ancient art of pilgrimage, which was such a central part of the indigenous tradition of this land.  By following Brigid’s footsteps and those of our ancestors, walking as a pilgrim will reconnect you with the sacredness of the earth and the majesty of the sky.  You will awaken to the consciousness of Brigid, with the opportunity to connect with your creative feminine power and unite this with your active masculine strength, whether you be male or female or other .  This is Brigid’s gift – to accept all and unite both sides of our being and our world in harmony and balance.  Brigid remains an inspiration for us all in these changing times.

This Celtic Pilgrimage passes through beautiful Irish landscapes from the Lisnawilly Estate and picturesque villages of county Louth, the lush farmlands of Meath, Donadea Forest Park, Coolree Bog, the Grand Canal, Pollardstown Fen and the Curragh of Kildare.  Along the route, glittering like jewels in the earth lie the sacred sites of the Holy Well, Faughart, Knockbridge Standing Stone also  known as the ‘Cuchulainn Stone’, the Hill of Slane, the Hill of Tara, Brideswell Kilcock, Brigid’s Fire Temple and Holy Wells, Kildare.  This alignment of sacred sites reflects the Cygnus (Swan) constellation which was prominent in the skies at the time of St Brigid’s birth in the 5th Century AD.  It may have formed an ancient ‘sightline’, pointing out the place on the northern horizon where the cross-shaped swan constellation, Cygnus was rising in ancient times.  For details on the history of this Pilgrimage see Origins of Brigid’s Way.

Whether you know Brigid as a Saint or Goddess, she will bless and inspire a sense of soul and adventure in each of us as we walk courageously on her pathway embracing the Art of Pilgrimage to:

Ponder on our life's journey

Shed what no longer serves us

Dream in a bright future for all

Routes and Maps

 Brigid’s Way route is over 3 counties from 6 to 14 miles or 10 to 24 kms walking between 5 to 6 hours each day with intermittent rests.

The Art of Pilgrimage

We offer you preparation tips so you may receive the most from your Pilgrimage including what to bring, how to prepare to the pilgrims code.

Origins of Brigid's Way

Discover the origins of Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage co-rediscovered in 2012 to awaken people to the consciousness of Brigid.


“Another wonderful days walk with Brigid’s Way. Thank you all so much for creating and offering such an enjoyable opportunity to walk the sacred paths. I am awed by the power of traversing our beautiful land with powerful intention, and of honouring the rituals and practices of our ancestors. It was so very healing on many levels, and I look forward to joining in again.”

Carol, Dublin, Ireland

“The pilgrimage was the reconnection I needed to get back on my spiritual path walking and talking with like minded people. What came across most was the challenge of carrying the light (within) to keep the flame burning. We so often stray and focus instead on the ‘crosses’ we bear. I realised I can put it down and listen to the birds sweetly singing and just be.”

Mary Glesson, Kildare

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For More Information

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“Everywhere the way of the Pilgrim is twofold, exterior and interior, the simultaneous movement of feet and soul through time as well as space.”

Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage