“This Summer I decided to do the two weekends of Brigids Way with Brigid Beag (who is 4 months old) strapped to my front. Together we experienced the wonders of Faughart and all the beautiful ritual and ceremony of the first day, the arduous 22km trek from Dundalk to Ardee where I had to dig deep and really connect to my warrior energy, the blissful walk along the Grand canal with Swans. Heron and Black dogs as our Guardians and finally to Kildare, the fire temple, Solas Bhride and the Wells where I got to share some of the songs that the great Brigid has gifted to me over the years. Brigids Way has inspired me to reach far beyond what I thought to be true of my body’s capabilities and connected me more fully to Brigid’s profound and awesome inspiration.” Beannachtai ar an obair na Bridgi!” Gemma MacGowan, Kells, Co.Meath

“So glad I went on the St Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage and enjoyed it so much and its all new territory for me, I was never at any of the places before. Visiting the Healing Stone in the Curragh and the 2 wells, Healing and Garden Well and also Solas Bhríde were new to me and so worth while”.

Sean, Northern Ireland

“I want to thank you and Dolores for enabling walkers and people they passed by to love and respect this beautiful country of Ireland more. I love the first day of the Pilgrimage especially with the ritual and ceremony for all walks of life. It felt rich and healing.”

Sherrie Scott, Donegal, Ireland

A life changing experience that I look forward to doing again when divine timing has it. Very well organized, such rich lifelong bonds and so many fun surprises. The kind hearts of Ireland have forever imprinted my heart. I am so grateful to walk with Brigid amongst dear friends.

Alicia Buivis, Illinois, USA. 2022

Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage is a magical feast of transformation – dismantling and alchemizing – reconnecting ones mind to heart and heart to soul.

Katherine Piccott, Newfoundland, Canada. 2022

Daily walking on Brigid’s Way allowed me to be present in a manner unlike any since childhood. There were few responsibilities or decisions to be made while on pilgrimage allowing me to immerse fully into each moment while forgetting past and future. My devotion and connection with Brigid has deepened in ways, months later, I am still discovering. I send heartfelt thanks and blessings to all who made this possible.

Valzora Spriggs, Nevada, USA. 2022

I had no clear idea of what to expect on this pilgrimage other than my interest in connecting with Brigid and the exercise of walking through Ireland!s country of which I was unfamiliar. I was richly rewarded with days jam packed with laughter, the warmth of people!s hearts and hearth!s in Ireland, how to appreciate each moment of being lore and lure of Brigid!s stories and amazing landscapes. This experience is an iridescent, multi-faceted sparkling, like water in a well. I can!t recommend it enough as a life changer!

Alaina Zipp, Oregon, USA. 2022

“Thank you so much for leading such a wonderful weekend and pilgrimage. I am still buzzing from all of the experiences and my intention at the outset to be nourished and enriched was certainly fulfilled and then some!! I felt infused by a magical energy when I returned home which has stayed with me along with the faces and conversations with people met, and the many images of beauty, symbolism, ideas, inspiration  and challenges!”

M.C. Omagh, Co. Tyrone

“May goodness be with you all. I would not have been able to do that journey of personal processing without the company and support of my soul sisters and brothers. I’m not so sure what I let go of but know that I welcomed solidarity and journeying with others at a deep level. Marole named devotion and single focus as some of my qualities and that was most empowering for me.”

Joanne Ryan, Kilkenny, Ireland

“Thank you very much for the beautiful gift of St. Brigid’s Way.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first walk on St. Brigid’s Way.  I found the atmosphere friendly, welcoming and inclusive. So from the heart, go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir, go n-éirí an bóthar libh. And I hope to join you on Brigid’s Way in the future.”


‘Thank you so much to your dedicated team for a most enjoyable time.  I really felt a connection to the Goddess Brigid, particularly on Sunday when there was more ritual and symbolic gesture, and the visit to Solas Bhride was a very pleasant experience.  There was great spiritual learning for me over the weekend and I thank you for that, and for making the pilgrim way possible in this way, I am truly grateful and appreciative for all your effort, commitment and courage to bring the Goddess more fully into awareness and encourage more people to know about her and experience her in their lives.  I felt and feel so grateful and blessed to be Irish also and to feel the blood of my ancestors running through my body. 

All blessings upon your team for your continued devotion to this wonderful Goddess and saint, and the work that you have done and have yet to do…May your lives be enriched with every breath’. Bernadette Lacey

“This was my first experience of walking part of St Brigids Way, and I look forward to returning to do it again and again.  It was an enriching and rewarding experience, an opportunity to be at one with nature and enjoy the beauty of the path of St Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage while  in the company of such wonderful and welcoming group who each shared so freely their song, dance, story or welcoming smile. A huge thank you for such wonderful organising, so much so that our time together appeared to flow seamlessly, and I went away feeling that I had known so many of the group for much longer and knowing that our paths would most likely cross again”

Annette G, Ireland

“One foot in front, one behind. With every step moving forward with grace and power. Every step is an achievement. Every step is building. You put in the ground work. Plan the journey which is life. Hold the hands of friends. You have to start to finish. A beginning to reach your goal.”

Valerie Ward Pratt, Dublin

“Feels strange to have left you all – despite life encroaching I keep seeing all your lovely faces and hearing your voices! I give thanks for the priviledge of sharing Brigids Way Pilgrimage with you. Thanks to Karen & Dolores whose wonderful vision and leadership made it all happen. Through the experience I have taken some further steps away from my small self and towards a bigger more expanded me. May Brigid shower her blessings on us all”

Claire Oakes