Route: Day 4 Slane to Tara

Summary of the Day 4 Route: Slane to Tara

Total Distance (approx):

14miles, 22.5km


The paved footpath of minor ‘L’ roads


River Boyne Ramparts beside the Slane Bridge


Hill of Tara

Shops & Toilet stops:

There are shops and toilets in Slane village, at Hayestown Garage and Deli (ideal for a packed lunch) and at Mrs O’s country pub, Skyrne.

Places of interest:

Slane Bridge over the River Boyne

Dean Hill ancient Barrow

Skryne Castle ruins

The Well of the White Cow, Tara.

Accommodation: Dalgan Park Monastry Ph: 046 9021 525

Note: as Day 5 Tara to Moynalvy is a short day to allow plenty of time to explore the Hill of Tara, we recommend that you stay two nights here and take a local taxi to get to and from Dalgan Park.

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Route Directions

Walking Route: approx. 14 miles, 22.5 km

From Slane Farm Hostel entrance turn left and walk towards Slane village.

Continue through the village of Slane to the River Boyne and cross the old bridge turning right down to the Ramparts and the picturesque riverside. Returning to the Ramparts entrance, cross the road and walk to the opposite side of the river then take the immediate first turn right upwards at the yellow N-02 0600 sign. Continue straight on this picturesque winding country road, looking back through the hedgerows to see the Hill of Slane in the distance. As you continue on your right hand side you will see a large mound in farmland. We believe this to be Thurstianstown Motte on the Brigid’s Way Cygnus Alignment.

At the next T junction (approx. 2.5 km) marked the Taín Trail, turn right. Continue straight on this winding L1600 country road. Eventually, at approx. 13.4 km, it curves to the right at a row of stone cottages on the left with Beauparc House on the right. Enjoy walking along this meandering country L road.

At the Senechalstown GFC sign, you will cross over a humped back bridge (be mindful of on-coming traffic here). Following along at Hayestown, you will see a red gate on the left side of the road, marking a St Brigid’s Well. Two minutes down the road, is the Garage and Deli shop on your right at a cross-roads signed for Ard Mulchan church (4.2mile, 7km from Slane).

Out of the shop, turn right and continue walking, (back on the same road) until you reach a Y junction at a cream coloured house by the Finnegan and McGovern Bar Furniture sign, turn left and continue straight on this road. You will pass a crossroads marked Navan and Slane, continue walking straight ahead veering left.

Continue straight on this road walking uphill for approx. 2 km. After the crest of the hill there is a short plateau, then a further short climb. Look sharp right here for 2 rusty gates and an ivy covered hidden wall, signalling Farmer David Carey’s field. He has given us permission for our picnic lunch in this meadow, known as Dean Hill, which has a trigonometry post at the top and a fine view over the county. Do check to see if there are animals in the field beforehand.

Coming out of Dean Hill, turn right and onto the same road and follow this road veering left twice eventually climbing uphill to a T junction at a cream coloured house. This area is called Realtoge. Turn left here, walk downhill 0.5 miles to the next T junction at Brownstown House (carved into the pillar) and turn right here. Follow this road approx. 0.5 miles cross straight over the Kentstown – Navan R153 road onto the L5053 road and walk along for approx 0.5 miles.

Walk straight on to a crossroads signed Navan, Trim, Screen and also through the next cross roads which is beside a castle ruin. Continue on this road until you see Walterstown Church in front.

Turn right at Walterstown Church for SKREEN. Follow this road for several miles until you come to the ‘5 roads’ known as ‘the Green’ where there is a very large mast in a field on the left hand side and a sign for Skreen 1km. Here you take the second right hand turn onto a beautiful small country road.

When you reach Fox’s pub at the next cross-road, turn right here and follow the steep road upwards to SKREEN Castle ruin and Mrs O’s pub. Stop for a welcome rest here.

Now walk left here downhill veering right and continue straight on this L500 road, until you cross over the road bridge over the M3 motorway.

Stay on this road until you come to the N3 road. Carefully cross the N3 onto the L6201 road directly in front signed Rath Maeve. Continue on this road until you come to a T junction at Rath Meadbh (Maeve). You may look over the fence to see this dilapidated Cairn. There are usually animals in the field so be careful if you wish a closer look on this private property.

Turn right here and continue up this winding country lane towards the HILL OF TARA. As you approach Tara on your left you will pass The Well of the White Cow. Next you will see Courtney Davis, the renowned artist’s Open Studio with a relic of Brigid in his beautiful painting.