5 Day Wells and Waters Pilgrimage

5th - 9th June 2024

Come away and join us on the Brigid’s Way Wells & Waters Pilgrim Path, from 5th to 9th June 2024, which embraces the stories of Celtic mythology and spirituality.

We are taking time to step into tune with nature and listen to the land. We will share traditional stories and rituals associated with the sacred sites along the pilgrimage.

As a pre-Christian and Christian deity, Brigid has a rich history and presence in Ireland. This new route is based on Brigid’s Way 9 day Celtic Pilgrimage from her birthplace in Faughart. We follow the Wells and Waters, including the Boyne River that for centuries have been places of gathering for our ancestors. We will spend time on the sacred site of the Hill of Tara and end the walk at Brigid’s Fire Temple and Wells in the town of Kildare.

Brigid is associated with the elements of poetry, healing, midwifery and smithing and these elements will be woven in as part of the rituals that will take place throughout this powerful pilgrimage walk.

If you have a ‘grá’ (Irish Gaelic for love) or yearning to really spend time in nature and connect with your indigenous Celtic heritage, come hear the call of Brigid.

Brigid's Wells & Waters Pilgrimage - 5 days route


We meet to welcome the pilgrims together and share the outline of the 5 days and answer any pilgrim questions.

Theme: Meet and Greet

Pilgrim Path: Dundalk Town


Accommodation: Glengat B&B


We start the walk at the birthplace of Brigid and introduce some of the key themes and stories of the goddess and saint.

Theme:Brigid the Healer

Pilgrim Path: Faughart to Dundalk

Distance: 13k

Accommodation: Glengat B&B


We share ceremony at the Hill of Slane and then walk along the River Boyne and hear of the mystical stories of the gods and goddesses of Celtic times.

Theme: Holder of the Threshold

Pilgrim Path:Brigids Well, Stack Allen Bridge to Navan

Distance: 10k

Accommodation:New Grange Hotel 


We walk to the Hill of
Tara for a magical ceremony. This is followed by the walk honouring the lore of the lands taking time for contemplation.

Theme: Patron of Poetry

Pilgrim Path:Skryne to Hill
of Tara

Distance: 8-10k



This is a beautiful walk along the Canal and is celebrated in a ceremonial dip in the water for those who are brave enough!

Theme: Patron of Blacksmiths

Pilgrim Path: Robertstown to Milltown

Distance: 14k

Accommodation: Robertstown


The final day begins at Pollardsown Fen and a walk across the famous Curragh of Kildare. We will receive Brigid’s Fire Blessing at her Fire Temple with Celtic Shaman and Brigid’s Way co-rediscoverer Dr Karen Ward. We then join the Solad Bhríde sisters in their centre and hermitages and finish the day and the pilgrim path at Brigid’s Healing and Garden Wells.

Theme: Patron of Midwifery

Pilgrim Path: Fen to Kildare Town

Distance: 10k

Accomodation List

DUNDALK - 4th & 5th June

Glen Gat House, B&B

Check out booking.com or Home | Visit Louth for other accomodation options

NAVAN - 6th June

KILDARE - 9th June

The walk finishes at approx. 4pm on Sunday. If you do wish to book accommodation for that evening please see below two options: Solas Bhride & Silken Thomas

ROBERTSTOWN - 7th & 8th June

Robertstown Holiday Village (Space for 5 people in Robertstown. To book a single bed in one of these double rooms contact Tracey at 083 1665355. The rooms  will be allocated on a first come first served basis.)

Breda’s Cabin & rooms in Robertstown. Phone 085 2820627.

Park View B&B & The Hideout B&B (045) 890 977

The Hideout B&B or phone 085 7393630

Book Your Place
on Brigid’s Way 5 Day Pilgrim Walk

5 day pilgrimage


The cost of the pilgrimage is €350.00 per person.  All other costs are paid directly by each pilgrim.

To give you an estimate of costs to expect for the duration of the pilgrimage:

Accommodation €300.00-€500.00

Dinner €150.00-€200.00

Lunch €50.00

Lunch may be bought in the local villages each day before you set out.

The Brigid’s Way Walk leaders will let you know where they are eating each evening and you are welcome to join them.


What mindset do you need to bring to this Pilgrim Walk?

Spirit of co-creation

We welcome everyone’s talents to be shared during our time together.


We invite you travel light and to only bring the essentials (bag on back.

Physical Fitness

You need to be able and willing to walk 15k each day for 5 days consecutively.

How do I know if I am ready for this pilgrimage?

Here are a few questions we are asking ourselves to prepare to make this experience meaningful.

Physical Preparation

  • Do I feel ready and able to walk 15k each day for 5 days?
  • Have I practiced walking with my bag on my back?

Psychological Preparation

  • Am I mentally ready to walk as part of a pilgrim community emotionally and psychologically in my life?
  • What is my intention as I step into this pilgrimage? 

Spiritual Preparation

  • What do I hope to gain from a spiritual perspective on this trip?
  • What spiritual practice do I want to cultivate as part of this pilgrimage?

Practical Preparation

It is important to consider what to bring. We are encouraging people to travel lightly. We have no transport to organise the delivery of luggage from one destination to the next. Carrying your pack is part of the journey so we encourage you to pack light!

What to Bring

You will pack and unpack several times – Asking ‘what do I really, really need?’

Practice doing regular 10k walks each week prior to the pilgrimage is highly advisable. Please practice carrying the pack and the shoes you plan to use on the pilgrimage.

Bag Weight

Carry NO more than 10% of your body weight around 6kg – 8kg. Aim for lightweight non bulky clothes that can be layered.


Lightweight trousers, shorts, or skirts (Skorts) and leggings are best for walking. Lightweight tops with long sleeves are also useful, as both cool and can provide protection from the sun. 

Rain & sun gear

A lightweight fleece, waterproof pull up trousers and jacket and also a sun hat. This is Ireland, and we can experience four seasons in one day! 

Walking shoes, boots or walking sandals? 

Be sure whatever you choose to walk in are supportive and breathable – it is essential that they are well worn in. Good socks that are lightweight and also breathable are as important as the shoes.

Bag size

Rucksack – small – consider the best size to carry for our 5 days walking – one that has chest and waist straps that will make it easier on your back to carry and walk with.


Bring minimal amounts – consider shampoo bars or travel size options.

Essential Items

Only bring what you need avoid heavy books or cameras as they can become unnecessary weight to carry and might distract from the mindfulness of the pilgrimage.


How much is the trip?

The cost of the Brigid’s Way Water and Wells Pilgrim Path is €350.00 This cost is for the organisation and design of the trip and also includes transport, entertainment and administrative costs. The €350.00 does not include the cost of accommodation or food. This will be paid directly by each pilgrim.

What about lunch?

Every day you can buy food of your choice in a local shop. Each day we will stop for lunch in a picturesque spot.

What about dinner?

We will book a restaurant to eat in each evening. You may choose to join us or make your own arrangements. You can confirm on the day if you wish to join us.

What about water?

You will need to bring your own requirement of water each day. This may be sourced from your accommodation or a local shop before the start of the days walking. Water will not be provided.

What if I have additional baggage?

You can make your own arrangements with a local taxi company to transport your luggage from A to Z.

Do you organise accommodation?

No. We tell you where the leaders are staying and a list of other local accommodation. You can choose where you wish to stay.

What about transport?

There is an assigned meeting place each day and a finish point. We will book all transport required to get to start and finish points over the duration of the walking day. You need to arrange to get yourself from your accommodation to the meeting place each day if you are not stay at the same accommodation as the facilitators.