Raffle of Brigid’s Way Symbol Swans

We have two unique forged Swans with a filigree Brigid’s Cross inset to fundraise for the Pilgrimage.

Donated by Alaina Zipp, Brigid’s Way pilgrim who lovingly crafted this metal version of the Brigid’s Way logo which was created by Kildare artist Bernie Sexton in 2012.

Each exquisite piece is 26 inches in length and 20 inches height, 1 inch in thickness with a hanging hook on the back made from 18 gauge sheet metal with copper wire for the Brigid’s Cross.

Alaina Zipp was inspired by the blacksmith aspect of Brigid’s triple deity to draw the metal freehand, cut with a plasma cutter and the ‘mig weld, using a wire electrode and inert shielding gas to join the two base materials.

While walking Brigid’s Way pilgrimage in July 2022, she was inspired by the stone markers painted by artist Siobhán Madden of Bernie’s logo and wondered how she might recreate this symbol in metal.

Once back in the US from Ireland after her Pilgrimage, she went into her workshop to create the piece as tribute and gratitude for this life changing experience. A newer metalsmith, Alaina enjoys accessing aspects of Brigid to form pieces from new and used metals. We are very grateful to her for donating these two exquisite art pieces for our fundraising raffle.

Buy a Raffle Ticket

Win one of Brigid’s Way metal swans by purchasing raffle tickets at €5.00 each. The winner will be announced on 1st September 2023. You can use the link below or the QR code. Thank you so much for supporting Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage.

Help Us Sell Raffle Tickets

To assist us maintain the Brigid’s Way website and pay for the food and board of the volunteer Leaders for the 9 day Pilgrimage, please consider selling some Raffle Tickets to your friends, family and colleagues.

Alaina creating the swan symbol