Pilgrims’ Code


For your comfort and safety all pilgrims are asked to read and agree to the Brigid’s Way Pilgrim Code, together with the Healthy Walking Tips and Preparation information available on the Brigid’s Way website. Please read the Pilgrim Code carefully and if you agree with all the points, go ahead and proceed with your Booking for any of the Brigid’s Way events.  If you have any queries or questions, please Email us and we will be happy to answer.


1. If travelling from overseas, pilgrims understand they are wholly responsible for ensuring they are in possession of private Travel Insurance that covers them for the full duration of the pilgrimage, which at minimum includes medical expenses, injury, death, cancellation, curtailment and loss/damage to personal property. Please ensure there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for the type of activities included in the pilgrimage. Travel Insurance is also strongly advised if travelling from within the Republic of Ireland.

2. Pilgrims accept that their personal property, including all baggage, are at all times solely at their own risk.

Payment / Refunds

1. Pilgrims have the choice to pay the full amount of €225 or pay initial non-refundable deposit of €75 and the balance at a later date nearer the Pilgrimage.


1. Brigid’s Way has pre-booked accommodation for the entire Pilgrimage. On completion of Booking Form you will receive your allocated B&B for each night.

1. We will recommend local B&B’s along the route and specify on each event if you need to book yourself or through Brigid’s Way.


1. Pilgrims understand that children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for ensuring the safety of the child/children with them at all times.


1. Dogs are welcome if you are coming along for 1 day, but are not able to stay overnight at our chosen accommodations. Pilgrims are responsible for keeping their dog under control and for being mindful and respectful of the fact that not all other pilgrims are dog lovers.


1. Pilgrims will have read and digested the Healthy Walking Tips and Preparationinformation available on the Brigid’s Way website.

2. Pilgrims understand and agree that they are fully responsible for their personal well-being during the pilgrimage and will ensure they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the pilgrimage.

3. Pilgrims must inform the Brigid’s Way team of any physical, mental or emotional condition within the past 5 years that required medication and/or hospitalisation and in some circumstances if deemed necessary, may be asked to provide a doctor’s certificate of Fitness to Travel or similar. If a pilgrim currently requires medication, they will ensure that they carry enough with them for the entire duration of the trip.

Personal Responsibility

1. Pilgrims understand that this is a group pilgrimage and as in all groups, ‘buttons can get pushed’. Pilgrims will endeavour to accept the differences in others and celebrate humanity’s diversity and through doing so, ‘own’ their personal projections and experiences with humility.

2. Pilgrims may choose to drink alcohol during the pilgrimage but we do suggest that this be in moderation.

3. Pilgrims understand that the personal information submitted to the Brigid’s Way organisers will be kept in a secure database. Names may be provided to accommodation and transport providers to secure bookings but other than this or in express circumstances (eg. medical or other emergency situation), personal information will not be passed to any third parties without permission. Pilgrims will be contacted by email or telephone in relation to bookings and will be added to the email newsletters list, from which they can unsubscribe at any time.

Walking the Route

1. Pilgrims recognise that there will be a general level of noise when travelling with a large group and will ensure to create opportunities to make quiet time for themselves as needed, e.g. lunchtime, evenings, while walking. Pilgrims will respect the wishes of others who choose to have silent walking time. (There will be a sign to indicate that the holder/wearer wishes to be in silence.)

2. We request that Pilgrims follow the rules of the road and also follow Brigid’s Way volunteers indications for safety reasons along the route.

3. For the safety of all pilgrims, Brigid’s Way has a designated ‘Leader’ at the front and ‘Sweeper’ at the back. While walking on the route, everyone must walk between the Leaders and the Sweeper and those that volunteer to take on the Leader and Sweeper roles, do so with responsibility and conscientiousness.

4. If pilgrims choose to leave the pilgrimage at any time, they must advise one of the Brigid’s Way organisers before departing.

5. As part of our absolute commitment to Brigid’s Way being a positive experience for all pilgrims, the organisers will advise, direct and if required make final decisions where there are concerns for safety or wellbeing for an individual or for fellow pilgrims. Instances of unsafe or ongoing disruptive behaviour could lead to pilgrims being asked to leave the pilgrimage. No refund will be made in these circumstances.

6. I understand that the Brigid’s Way organisers are the facilitators of the Pilgrimage however, everyone is responsible for their own belongings, health and actions at all times.

If you have questions or wish for clarification on any of the above, please feel free to email us.