ROUTE: Dundalk to Ardee

Please use the information below as a guide as we continue to improve the route. We recommend using your own maps if walking independently. Please check travel details with the relevant transport providers. If you have a suggestion to improve the route information on this page, please contact us.


  • Total Distance (approx): 13.5 miles, 21.6km
  • Terrain: Paved: Minor roads (L-roads), sometimes on pavement on more major routes. Short grassy section to view Cúchulainn’s Stone
  • Start: Glengat B&B, Dundalk
    • Cúchulainn’s Stone
    • Knockbridge (shop, church, cemetary,cillin (memorial for still born/infants)
    • Louth Village (shop)
    • Tallanstown (shop)
  • End: Setanta B&B, Ardee Town Centre (shops, cafes, restaurants)

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Exit Glengat B&B garden and take the R171 Ardee road opposite the Glengat B&B towards KNOCKBRIDGE (5km). Continue on this straight road walking on the right side pavement.

Outside the town at a fork in the road walk straight on the right hand side and follow the R171 to Knockbridge and Louth. (Also signposted to Knockabbey Castle and the Táin Trail).

NOTE: There is no footpath at this section so stay right walking single file close to the verge facing oncoming traffic. ONLY if approaching a blind corner cross over to the left hand side of the road until past the corner then recross back to the right hand side.

Outside KNOCKBRIDGE (approx 4.5km just past the L31671 sign on the left), continue walking straight and begin looking left for the green sign for CLOCHAFARMORE (Cloch an Fhir Mhoír – the Stone of the Big Man). The sign is old and opposite a cream coloured ‘Heather Cottage’ and PJ Castle building. Climb over the stile and duck under the electric fence CAREFULLY. We will do Ceremony here in the field at the Stone sacred site.

Back on the R171 road continue walking straight into the village of KNOCKBRIDGE (Chnoic Bhride – the Hill of Brigid). There is a beautiful stained glass window of St Brigid in the Knockbridge Church.

Follow the signs out of KNOCKBRIDGE to LOUTH VILLAGE (still the R171) continue on the straight road. Outside Louth Village keep on the R171 and follow the signs to TALLANSTOWN (ignore a conflicting sign to Ardee at The Hill pub, follow the signs to Tallanstown 2km and Ardee 8km) straight through towards Ardee. At Tallanstown turn left at the village to follow the signs all the way to Ardee. Note the magnificent ‘Helmet’ statue on the way into Ardee past the roundabout.


A map will be put here, when available.

Getting to the Start Point – Dundalk

See information and local taxi numbers on this page

Getting to the End Point – Ardee

Buses run from to Ardee from Dublin City Centre and Dublin Airport. For more information, see the Bus Éireann website.

Alternative Start/End Points



Note that the accommodation that we use for the Brigid’s Way organised pilgrimage may differ from the B&Bs listed here and that the information is provided here for independent walkers. If you are coming on the organised pilgrimage we ask that you book accommodation through Brigid’s Way to help us with the logisitics and for the best rates.