Brigid’s Way

Brigid’s Way is a non-profit venture organised by a committee of volunteers, together with many additional volunteer helpers. Brigid’s Way relies on donations and sometimes grants for its funding. If you would like to make a donation to support the work of Brigid’s Way, you can do so by clicking on the button below.


Discovered in 2013, the pilgrimage has seen over 100 pilgrims walk its path in its first two years. The Vision for Brigid’s Way outlines the seed purpose from which the pilgrimage is emerging married with the overarching goals towards which the team is working. The Values are the principles of Brigid’s Way and outline how all connected to it aim to care for and serve Brigid’s Way, the pilgrims and each other. The Vision & Values of Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage which evolve as we and you – the community – grow each year.


  • Balance the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine on the island of Ireland
  • Merge the ancient art of pilgrimage with modern spiritual practice creating another entry point into the spirituality of Ireland
  • For male and female pilgrims an opportunity to discover their feminine giving, caring and receiving side while also empowering their masculine action orientated energies
  • Experience smooth, flowing joy for all involved
  • Reawaken this ancient path between sky and earth through pilgrimage
  • Engender the sacred energies of the land
  • Connect with and honour Brigid
  • Developing compassion and respect for self and other pilgrims as we walk Brigid’s Way


  • Appreciate this is Spirituality at work
  • Know pilgrimage as a living, breathing practice
  • Merge Celtic and Christian Spirituality in a tangible way
  • Honour the central role that Brigid has played and continues to play in the spiritual life of this country
  • Be blessed by Brigid – Goddess and Saint
  • Receive Brigid’s hospitality again and again and again