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an Ancient path between Sky and Earth.

We are delighted to announce that this years Brigid’s Way 9 day Pilgrimage from Faughart to Kildare will take place from the 1st to the 9th of July (incl).  Details of costs and accommodation will be posted in the next week, however, you can book your place on the Pilgrimage and we will follow up about your accommodation.  The Pilgrimage will be facilitated by Dolores Whelan and a team of volunteers.  Karen Ward is taking time out from the Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage to complete her PhD Thesis and we wish her every blessing with that.

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Thank you for your valued interest in Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage. We appreciate you spreading Brigid’s Cloak far and wide by sharing your knowledge of her Way and traditions.

Enjoy our video below from our first pilgrimage in 2013.

Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage passes through some beautiful and sacred Irish landscapes from Dundalk to Kildare. This alignment of sacred sites reflects the Cygnus (Swan) constellation which was prominent in the skies at the time of Brigid’s birth in the 5th Century AD and is its reflection on earth of a heavenly configuration. It may have formed an ancient “sightline”, pointing out the place on the northern horizon where the cross-shaped swan constellation (Cygnus) was rising in ancient times.

Recovering the Art of Pilgrimage

Ireland is a place where beneath its modern facade lies a deeply rooted connection with the cycles of the natural world and the spiritual world. In Ireland hints of Celtic, Celtomegalithic and Christian traditions and beliefs are expressed throughout the land. Stone circles, dolmens, court cairns and other megalithic structures mark places in the landscape where the Anima Loci or Soul Energy is stronger and where “Spirit” is tangibly present. At these places the spiritual energies of the land easily accessible. Reconnecting with this ancient practice of walking pilgrimage reflects a deep longing to touch and taste the mystery.

The sacred journey, pilgrimage or Imram invites people to a different way of travelling, a way that can inspire a sense of soul and adventure in each of us. When we, as pilgrims, approach the earth in an open-hearted way, we access the ancient perennial wisdom held within these ancient sacred places.  This allows us to experience the archetypal energies of the eternal otherworld and awakens in us our innate knowledge of and appreciation for the Divine Presence within all living beings.

Walking in pilgrimage, listening attentively to the deep quiet voice within, reconnects us with our own deep spiritual essence, which knows itself as a part of the unbroken web of life. Walking through the countryside in this conscious way offers the pilgrim the potential for deep healing and transformation.


“Everywhere the way of the Pilgrim is twofold.

Exterior and interior, the simultaneous movement of feet and the soul through time as well as space.”

(Phil Cousineau The Art of Pilgrimage 1998, p.94)